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Jacqueline Heaton

Runes concern divination and guidance rather than the telling of fortunes associated with Tarot. Runes are not predictive but are the medium through which the Rune Witch mediates with the querent (one who seeks) to give an interpretation of a question. Runes are a channel of communication.


Once a question has been asked of the reader she will intuitively tune into the individual in front of her and lay her hands on the runes which will be turned face down. Three runes will be picked, laid out face upwards and interpreted in the light of the question asked. 


Many individuals find that they feel an energy passing through them and most state that the interpretation is in accord with their own thoughts on the matter in which case they feel legitimised as to how to proceed (or not). Runes offer guidance and clarity.


Rune-Work is reliant upon the intuitive skills and experience of the reader and runes are a subtle magical force which encourage the querent to reflect upon and consider the question in hand.

Runes reader
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