• Born of Blood and Fire - Richard Ward
    27 Jan, 17:30
    On 27 January we are delighted to host an online event with Richard Ward, who will present his latest book "Born of Blood and Fire" (Scarlet Imprint). This book is a study of the origins, history, practices, evolution and influence of the Petwo rite that was pivotal in the Haitian slave revolution.
  •  A Short History of (nearly) Everything Paranormal - Terje Simonsen
    On 4 February we have the pleasure to once again host an event with Terje Simonsen, author of "A Short History of (Nearly) Everything Paranormal".
  • The New Heretics - Andy Thomas
    10 Feb, 17:30
    London, 19-21 Cecil Ct, London WC2N 4EZ, UK
    Join author Andy Thomas for this in-store event, where he will present his latest book "The New Heretics - Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World".
  • Gary Lachman - Dreaming Ahead of Time
    17 Feb, 17:30
    For this Thursday evening talk, we are delighted to once again be joined  by renowned esoteric writer Gary Lachman who will present his latest  book "Dreaming Ahead of Time" (Floris Books).
  • No One Playing - Martin Wells
    24 Feb, 17:30 GMT
    For this Thursday evening talk, we are joined by author Martin Wells, who will present his latest book "No One Playing - The essence of mindfulness in golf and in life" (John Hunt Publishing).

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