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Watkins Books is an esoteric bookshop in the heart of London. Established over 100 years ago, we are one of the world's oldest and leading independent bookshops specialising in new and antiquarian titles in the Mind, Body, Spirit field. We import books from around the world including America and India, and our staff are all experts in the themes in the shop, and you can always ask them for recommendations and advice.


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We hold regular author talks and book signings at Watkins bookshop. View videos from the past events on our Youtube channel.

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Watkins Mind Body Spirit

A quarterly magazine published by London's oldest esoteric bookshop. We cover a full range of subjects from contemporary spirituality to self development and mysticism to perennial wisdom.

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Books by Watkins

Watkins Publishing reflects the development of spiritual thinking and new science over the past 120 years. We remain at the cutting edge, committed to publishing books that change lives.

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  • Watkins Mind Body Spirit - Subscription

    Watkins Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly magazine published by Watkins Books in London. For delivery in the UK, choose "free shipping" at the checkout (there's a one-off postage fee for the rest of the world).

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  • Watkins Mind Body Spirit, Spring 2017 (issue 49)

    Watkins' Mind Body Spirit dates back to 1893, when John Watkins published his first volume of the Book-Notes, which included book reviews, occult news and excerpts from recommended books. Published quarterly by Watkins Books in London, the magazine, like the famous bookshop, aims to cover all esoteric ideas and spiritual paths from A to Z. Every issue presents the most anticipated book releases and articles by the world-renowned MBS authors. Learn More

  • Veneficium: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path

    First published in late Summer 2012, Schulke's book on esoteric toxicology Veneficium was an instant success, selling out in six months. Its principal concern is the intersection of magic and poison, originating in remotest antiquity and reaching into the occult traditions of present day. Beyond their functions as agents of bodily harm, poisons have also served as gateways of religious ecstasy, occult knowledge, and sensorial aberration, as well as the basis of cures. Allied with Samael, the Edenic serpent of first transgression whose name in some interpretations is ‘Venom of God’, this facet of magic wends through the rites of ancient Sumer and Egypt, through European Necromancy, Alchemy, the arcane the rites of the Witches’ Sabbath, and modern-day folk magic. The second edition of Veneficium is now properly contextualized within a trilogy of forthcoming books entitled Triangulum Lamiarum (‘Triangle of the Witches’), each of which concerns a specific ontological aspect of witchcraft. Veneficium, of course, treats the occult parameters of poison, toxins, and venom, and their presence in witchcraft and allied magical arts. Newly released, the second edition of Veneficium contains the first edition in its entirety, but there are some notable expansions and evolutions: —a new typographic design for the entire book, to be used for the whole of the trilogy —slight expansions of certain chapters —one additional chapter —additional images —a new title page illustration by artist Benjamin A. Vierling, as well as two new ornaments by the same —correction of typographic errors from the first edition, as well as footnote enumerations —­an index —an acknowledgments section. The second edition also expands the published formats. In addition to the hardcover Veneficium will also be published in softcover. Finally, for each title in the Triangulum series there will be a limited number of deluxe quarter-bound leather issues. Softcover and hardcover editions are now shipping, with the deluxe to be mailed February 26, 2018. Learn More

  • Chants - the Spirit of Tibet

    Track List Disc 1 1: Legend Of The Yogi 2: Bodihicitta 3: Taya Ta 4: Another World 5: Yidam 6: Lugar 7: Tara Drolma 8: Compassion Beat 9: Renewal 10: Invocation to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Learn More

  • Unbroken Blessing

    Recorded During their "Open Mind, Loving Heart Tour" around the UK in 2017 the ancient chants are recorded and provided to enable a connection to their tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and designed to bring healing, meditation and happiness to all sentient beings. Learn More

  • Ontological Graffiti

    Ontological Graffiti is Michael Bertiaux’s magnum opus. More than 40 years in development and a decade in production, this work now stands at over 470 pages and is without doubt his most substantial and important book yet. Ontological Graffiti provides for us a vibrant vudutronic, spiritualist, art-grimoire. It presents the strange narrative of certain magical work conducted at the infamous ‘Hyde Park Lodge’ in Chicago during the period 1965-1975. The lodge was a ‘ritual collective of occult initiates’ who would meet monthly under the directorship of Dr. Hector-Francois Jean Main. Ontological Graffiti contains the séances, lecture notes and descriptive texts for this intense period. This material accompanies the series of large acrylic magical paintings produced by Bertiaux, who was assigned to capture through his art the messages and images of various ‘transcendental consciousnesses’ which manifested during the course of their workings. The Lodge later discovered that rituals conducted using these paintings deepened the connection with the spirits, Loa, and ‘Other Minds’. In addition, the book also offers the reader countless drawings, collages and ‘passeports for contacting and travelling within the spirit realms. Everywhere in the Gnostic Continuum, ‘mind’ is active. The Hyde Park Lodge was able to tap into extra-dimensional, transcendental mind-forms, and develop methods to understand and make use of inner-plane communications. Ontological Graffiti details the work which allowed this ability, and serves as a magical record of a group of seekers discovering Gnostic and Vudu pathways and making use of the tremendous energy and knowledge gained from traveling them. Learn More

  • Aleister Crowley in America: Art, Espionage, and Sex Magick in the New World

    An exploration of Crowley’s relationship with the United States • Details Crowley’s travels, passions, literary and artistic endeavors, sex magick, and psychedelic experimentation • Investigates Crowley’s undercover intelligence adventures that actively promoted U.S. involvement in WWI Occultist, magician, poet, painter, and writer Aleister Crowley’s three sojourns in America sealed both his notoriety and his lasting influence. Using previously unpublished diaries and letters, Tobias Churton traces Crowley’s quest to implant a new magical and spiritual consciousness in the United States. In 1914 Crowley returned to the U.S. and stayed for five years: turbulent years that changed him, the world, and the face of occultism forever. Diving deeply into Crowley’s 5-year stay, we meet artists, writers, spies, and government agents as we uncover Crowley’s complex work for British and U.S. intelligence agencies. Exploring Crowley’s involvement with the birth of the Greenwich Village radical art scene, we discover his relations with writers Sinclair Lewis and Theodore Dreiser and artists John Butler Yeats, Leon Engers Kennedy, and Robert Winthrop Chanler. We experience his love affairs and share Crowley’s hard times in New Orleans and his return to health, magical dynamism, and the most colorful sex life in America. his role in the sinking of the passenger ship Lusitania, his making of the “Elixir of Life” in 1915, his psychedelic experimentation, and his run-in with Detroit Freemasonry. We also witness Crowley’s influence on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. We learn why J. Edgar Hoover wouldn’t let Crowley back in the country and why the FBI raided Crowley’s organization in LA. Offering a 20th-century history of the occult movement in the United States, Churton shows how Crowley’s U.S. visits laid the groundwork for the establishment of his syncretic “religion” of Thelema and the now flourishing OTO, as well as how Crowley’s final wish was to have his ashes scattered in the Hamptons. Learn More

  • Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia

    One of the most trusted reference works ever published on the Cabala, now available in a deluxe hardcover edition. This book is a complete guide to Cabalistic magic in which every demon, angel, power, and name of God every Sephirah, Path, and Plane of the Tree of Life and each attribute and association is fully described and cross-indexed by the Hebrew, English, and numerical forms. An invaluable reference tool for all Cabalists, pathworkers, magicians, and scholars, Godwin s Cabalistic Encyclopedia explores the most important terms from the Hebrew language, Freemasonry, the Cthulhu mythos, the Aurum Solis, and much more. Learn More

  • The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch

    The Witching-Other: Explorations and Meditations on the Existential Witch by Peter Hamilton-Giles instigator and co-founder of the Dragon's Column, this being the body of initiates that went on to contribute material that would eventually be featured albeit in edited form in Andrew Chumbleys' Dragon Book of Essex. Also Peter Hamilton-Giles has authored The Afflicted Mirror: The Study of Ordeals and Making of Compacts and The Baron Citadel: The Book of the Four Ways both of which were published by Three Hands Press. Standard Edition: 160 pages, Evergreen colorset dust jacket, two colour foil block, red and gold, foil block to front case, head and tail bands, Napura endpapers bordering 100 gram munken cream paper, ribbon. Ltd to 891 copies. Learn More

  • The Occult Book: A Chronological Journey, from Alchemy to Wicca

    The things that people in the modern Western world consider occult , secret, forbidden or irrational - amulets and talismans, omens and divinations, spells and charms, good and evil spirits - are part of everyday life in many parts of the world and have been for generations. In this fascinating book, occult scholar and practitioner John Michael Greer shines light on 100 of the dramatic incidents, arcane knowledge and colourful historical figures from occult traditions over two and a half millennia, including: the earliest alchemists of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece; pagan rituals; the Philosopher's Stone; Kabbala; the first tarot; the Knights Templar; the Nazi Thule Party; fortune-telling trials; and the birth of modern witchcraft or Wicca. Each entry is illustrated with a stunning image or intriguing item of ephemera. Learn More

  • Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing

    Presents more than 600 magical prescriptions for healing and protection from both pagan and Christian sources • Examines the practice of diagnosing illness through magic and explores ancient beliefs about curses and other evil spells and about devils, demons, and ghosts • Includes spells from the heavily guarded gypsy tradition of magic and healing, drawn from newly discovered materials Since the beginning of history, people have sought remedies for the many ills that have beset them, from illnesses afflicting the body to threats posed by evil and hostile individuals. In many folk healing and pagan traditions, it was believed that one must gain the assistance of the guardian spirit of a healing plant or substance through prayers or offerings before its chemical properties would be effective. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of ancient texts, Claude Lecouteux presents more than 600 magical prescriptions from both pagan and Christian sources from the last 2,000 years, covering everything from abscesses and shingles to curses and healing animals. He explores ancient beliefs about curses and about devils, demons, and ghosts and provides an in-depth look at protection magic, including protection of health, animals, and cultivated land, protection against curses, witchcraft, bad weather, and beasts, protection of a home, and protection while traveling. He includes spells from the heavily guarded gypsy tradition of magic and healing, drawn from newly discovered materials collected by two Romanian ethnologists who lived and traveled with gypsies in Transylvania in the mid-19th century. The author also reproduces rare texts on magic healing from the 14th and 15th centuries. Revealing the vitality of these practices in the remoter areas of Eastern Europe, Lecouteux shows how the influence of this pagan worldview is still detectable in the work of modern folk healers in France and Scandinavia. Learn More

  • The Devil’s Supper (Deluxe Edition)

    ‘The Devil’s Supper’ is a critical enquiry into popular culture, past and present. The text explores the myths and realities of the so called Witches Sabbat. Using trial depositions , source documents, contemporary poems and literary accounts, a hidden history is unfurled, offering a totally unique understanding of this occulted enigma. From Fasting to Feasting, the mystery of ritual, sacred Vessels of Transformation is exposed. The myriad masks of the Devil are fully removed, layer by layer in celebration of his multi-faceted and ingenious complexities. Along the way, we explore the philosophical and theological enquiries that have long held us in their thrall. We tackle the weighty topics of evil, who the Devil really serves and how this impacts upon the true virtue of the Grail as panacea or poison, overturning prescribed opinion to discover the real thread that binds these enigmatic elements together and how these things are even connected within occulted custom, lore, tradition and law.’ October 2017. Learn More

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