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A majority of the staff who work here have seen or experienced a paranormal occurrence. There are two major ghosts whom we know of but there could be more. A lot of the occurrences happen at night after ten o'clock throughout the hotel. In 1965, an unidentified woman was murdered at the historic hotel and her restless spirit is said to haunt the premises. Since this terrible incident, staff and guest have reported strange occurrences in the vicinity of the sixth floor.

Tony from housekeeping and a fellow associate were cleaning the bar on a graveyard shift as a bar patron said from behind then, "How about a cold one for the road?" The two housekeepers turned quickly to the patron behind them as an old man was sitting at the bar leaning over towards them. The two quickly looked at each other wondering who this gentleman was and as they looked back towards the patron he was gone.

One guest was in room 617, the room next to Room 620. He told me he thought he had a noisy neighbor next store in 620.He kept hearing someone in the bathroom of 620. Around 1:30am he was woken by a loud gun shot coming from that bathroom. He then heard sawing coming from 620.He came down to the front desk to complain. We checked and Room 620 was vacant that night. The same night another guest completely unrelated to him heard the exact same thing.

An executive at the hotel who has been at the hotel for some time says that a woman in ghostly garb has been seen numerous times near room 636 where the murder took place.

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Ghosts in San Antonio SheratonSheraton Hotel, San Antonio TexasMay 11 2012