Historic Voodoo Museum

  • Location New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • Date Jan 23 2012
  • Time 16:24
  • Incident Incident
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The Historic Voodoo Museum displays a collection of artifacts and information on voodoo as it is practiced in New Orleans. It is touristy, but the presence of voodoo practitioners provide an element of authenticity.

The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum was founded in 1972 by Charles Massicot Gandolfo, a resident of New Orleans whose grandmother used to tell him tales about a voodoo queen in the family's past. An artist who was fascinated with the history and culture of his hometown, Gandolfo opened the museum to share his interest in voodoo with others.

The museum consists of two dark and dusty rooms filled with a jumble of artifacts, ranging from voodoo dolls to various mummified animals. The museum's staff is happy to explain the artifacts and there is usually a voodoo priestess available to do readings and make personal gris-gris bags. For those who wish to learn more about voodoo, the museum can arrange visits to voodoo rituals or schedule more in-depth personal readings.
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Incident Report(s)

Historic Voodoo MuseumNew Orleans, Louisiana, USAJan 23 2012
Voodoo Spiritual Temple828 N. Rampart Street. New OrleansApr 30 2012