Midsummer Renaissance Festival

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EnlightenNext presents
Midsummer Renaissance Festival
A Celebration of Spirit, Philosophy, Music, Art and Creativity
Saturday & Sunday, 30 & 31 July
@EnlightenNext UK, 13 Windsor Street, Islington N1 8QG

Experience the most original festival of the summer, a fabulous mix of spiritual and philosophical dialogue, art, music and entertainment celebrating the uncharted heights of our human potential. Featuring world renowned speakers, scintillating conversation and dynamic artistic performances, this two-day festival is designed to enlighten, thrill and surprise, and to contain the seeds of a new awakening—a Renaissance of the Human Spirit. With ANDREW COHEN, CARTER PHIPPS, DR. ELIZABETH DEBOLD, LINUS ROACHE, ROY BHASKAR and more. Win TWO FREE TICKETS www.enlightennext.org.uk/midsummer
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