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Timeless Love of Twin Souls

Story of two people finding each other in two lifetimes. Biographical/spiritual. Has information about the afterlife plus wisdom & guidance from that dimension. Aimed at expanding the reader's awareness of life beyond this life & how to achieve greater happiness here on earth. Shows how love is eternal. Entertaining/uplifting story with self-help.

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Product Description


Twin soul love is powerful and a part of every individual where each of us seeks to find what we feel to be missing. But how do you know when it's found? How can you be sure about love when you have forgotten how it truly feels. When two people discover their twin soul love for one another, not only in this lifetime but also remember it from a previous lifetime, then they can guide us all...Finding love, understanding love, as well as appreciating our true self for who we really are, continues to be shrouded in the mystery of our day to day earthly existence. This enduring lack of understanding only serves to perpetuate an unwarranted sense of incompleteness and loneliness deep within us which all too often gives rise to feelings of fear, despair and discontent. So, as a consequence, we experience an insatiable desire to search for a mystifying 'something' which we somehow instinctively know we need but have little or no idea where to even begin looking...Concealed within this dilemma, and even more perplexing, lies the concept of our eternal soul.This elemental but powerful 'you' resides unacknowledged at the core of your very being while remaining seemingly silent as you journey in search of your ultimate happiness. This subject alone has occupied the minds of philosophers throughout the ages but to be aware that we have another aspect to compliment our earthly existence is as intriguing as it is confusing. To appreciate that each soul is but one half of its twin gives rise to an important insight into what motivates our need to do the things that we do, or to search for what we feel driven to find...This remarkable story tells of two people, Ron and Janet who not only found each other in this lifetime but were also together in a previous and very dramatic lifetime as well; one where they were inextricably caught up in the long and bloody revolutionary war which ultimately gave birth to the USA of today. Through following their experiences, trials, traumas and triumphs, plus journeys into the afterlife, you will learn more about not only how they discovered themselves to be twin souls but also how important this whole subject is and what it means to you...While reading an entertaining story you will find yourself being drawn into a process which poses important questions about the many mysteries of this life that we lead as well as what contributes to making you who you are.Combining real life experience with that of a fascinating journey into a world which we have virtually no understanding of, you will be led towards a greater appreciation of the love which is so important to you; to us all. Love is the great healer in every aspect of our lives. This is where the focus of our everyday living needs to be if we are to achieve the level of happiness which we aspire to and deserve. This unique and thought-provoking book represents an invaluable step along that path.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9780992609405
Autograph No
Pages 388
Author Janet Kay Darling; Phillip George
Publisher Thorne Publishing
Publication date 1 Jul 2013
Format Paperback