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The Key of Soul for Awareness and Spiritual Growth

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Product Description


The combination of the name (ח.ע.מ/א.נ.י) and the Jade stone, known as the stone of dreams and magic, creates the Key of Soul for awareness and spiritual growth.

At this era we live in, awareness and senses become dull due to extensive exposure to external stimulations. The aspiration for equilibrium and spiritual growth exist in each and every one of us.

The medallion offers calmness, peacefulness, clarity, flexibility of character, acceptance of new things and people, understanding and acknowledgment of goals. It cleanses and gives good energies, encourages long life, balances opposite energies including masculine and feminine, improves emotional expression, helps realizing dreams while its wearer is being free of blockages. All these lead to equilibrium of the senses and thus to awareness and spiritual growth.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Dimensions L: 6cm
Material Silver, Jade