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Super Study Album

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Thousands of students and teachers and professionals alike have used SUPER STUDY ALBUM to defeat ADHD and achieve laser-like concentration, stop procrastinating, and work for extended periods at peak performance. SUPERCHARGE CONCENTRATION- Use Focus CD to shift into a state of laser-like concentration for studying, using the computer, writing, or preparing for meetings or presentations. IMPROVE MEMORY- Smart students and professionals alike use the Memory CD to memorize data for life. Learn how to create your own Mind-Files for exams, meetings, or social situations. REJUVENATE-Give yourself a mini sleep cycle with Power Nap CD and overcome that frustrating wasted feeling in the middle of your hectic day. Ideal for relaxation, self-healing, jet-lag and making up for lost or interrupted sleep. WORK OR STUDY LONGER- Go for it with Super Study CD and work or study with much more intensity for extended periods of time.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781903717011
Autograph No
Pages No
Author James Phillips
Publisher Living in Truth
Publication date 1 Jan 2011
Format CD