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Tantra Space Aroma

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The quest for spiritual realization through divine ecstasy in an act of sexual union is at the core of tantrism and many other non-Christian paths. A moment's glimpse beyond the veil, union with the divine source- is sought by many, but found by few. This Space Aroma aims at stimulating the Kundalini force that is stored deep within the root chakra. By invoking this power and controlling its ascend through the chakras, bodily love can be transformed a sublime experience of divine love and bliss. This oil can be used for sacred Yab-Yum rites, or simply to add a little magic to your sex life

Magical Infusions: VENUS, MARS.

MAGICAL SPACE AROMAS Star Child Magical Space Aromas are designed as a fragrant aid for life in a magical universe. They are blended with specific purposes in mind and contain oils derived from plants that have a long history as magical herbs. Our Space Aromas are potentized with corresponding magical herbal infusions to add a special dimension to each blend. However, Space Aromas are not intended to be magical quick fixes for life's problems. Herbs and oils may assist in clearing energy blockages and help you attune to the purpose for which you are using them. When that work has been done it is still up to you to follow the flow of energy with appropriate action and make the most of the opportunities that may arise.

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