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The Habitat Affect

How to use your home surroundings and your mental-emotional experiences to enrich your life and the lives of all those with whom you connect. Create your individual Habitat Affect by engaging with the 9 Enrichments Experience which draws on the insights of psychology, bio-science, fitness and health, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness. Introducing Focus Features: highly-personal physical reminders to motivate and inspire you. Join us for a life-changing journey around your physical, mental and emotional environments. There are no rigid rules, simply suggestions and fresh ideas to help guide your individual choices-for-change and new experience.

(Author's note: the noun 'affect,' used herein, is defined as a psychological factor influencing behaviour. It refers to the psychological impact of the stimuli in our surroundings - our 'habitat' - on our senses and our thinking, from which flow our behaviour and our everyday experiences).

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Anna Cherry is a BSc Hons Psychology Graduate and former professional Communications Consultant specialising in the built environment. She is the author of numerous articles relating to building design, construction materials, fire safety, acoustics and energy conservation standards. In 1998 she was awarded a Diploma in Feng Shui from the Holistic Design Institute and has subsequently conducted home and office site visits, and been an HF Holiday Leader. Anna has also appeared on Welsh TV and given talks to business clubs, facilitated local authority and private workshops - Clutter-busting, Introduction to Feng Shui, The Psychology of Place, Personal Potential, Stress Address. She was a consultant editor for the 1st edition of “16 Guidelines for a Happy Life” based on the teachings of the 7th Century Tibetan Buddhist Emperor Songtsän Gampo [], and recommends a trip to Jamyang Buddhist Centre [] for those readers who live in, or are visiting, London. Anna’s hobbies include racket sports, hiking in natural surroundings at home and abroad, reading, sewing, diy and spending time with family and friends.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781999849702
Autograph No
Pages 288
Publication date 1 Jul 17
Format Paperback