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  • Your Soul's Journey (Diary)

    Your Soul's Journey astro diary will take you on a year-long voyage of self-discovery, using a personalised birth-chart created for you to map out the themes and important times ahead. As you work through challenging aspects, lunar cycles and eclipses, your unique birth chart will come to life, ultimately strengthening your personal connection to the planetary energies and the Universe.

  • The very first astrologically personalised diary
  • Completely bespoke to you based on your birth chart
  • You say what date you want your diary to start from
  • Tap into the most favourable energies at your disposal
  • Guides you through the most difficult transits turning them into growth opportunities
  • Reveals your most important soul lessons for each upcoming month
  • Discover your celestial focus areas for each week
  • Highlights quantum-leap dates for the upcoming year
  • Your very own soul journey begins here.

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  • Natal Astrological Chart and Analysis by Demian Allan

    With your Natal chart reading that helps you discover your personality and character, Demian will add an individual transit report for the next three months. This report informs you of new cycles and developments in your own life that is written just for you by our astrologer Demian Allan. Learn More

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