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Mayan Life Path Report

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The main difference between western astrology and Mayan astrology, is that Mayan tends to focus more on the unique characteristics of each particular day, so as to identify when fate is at its peak moments via elements such as wind directions and totemic icons. Indeed, long before Europeans came to Mexico and Central America, the native Olmec, Toltec, Maya, Zapotec and Aztec peoples developed a remarkable sacred calendar unlike any other in the world. Derived from centuries of observing natural cycles of development, it was used as a cosmic-historical grid that both established and interpreted the passing of time. It was used in many ways – by high priests to regulate the festivals of the whole society, and to divine answers to important questions. It was also used by professional experts to work out the character and destiny of individuals according to their birthdate.

We all have the power to enhance our lives, and awareness of the forces/energies around us is a great first step towards self-realization. You'll receive many of the answers you are looking for in various aspects of your life such as finances, career, spiritual development, children, health, etc... The predictions and chart analysis are aimed at empowering you to deal with the road ahead. Just fill out the fields above and we will email you a customized seven-page Mayan Life Path Report report within 2 days, created by our resident cosmographer (the report will also be shipped to your address).

If you're uncertain of your time of birth, just estimate as well as possible (e.g. 8am if you are sure that the birth was in the morning but are uncertain as to the precise time; this information is very useful rather than just providing the day of birth.) In addition, you may want to examine your birth certificate or consult the records of the hospital of birth.

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Additional Information

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