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  • Revelation Road

    If you're reading this, we're still alive. The end of the world has not occurred. But it can't be long now, can it? For two thousand years, the Book of Revelation has inspired countless conspiracy theorists, film-makers, writers and artists, as well as theologians and teachers. But why are we so bothered? After all, the end of the world still hasn't turned up, and it's been quite a while now. When Nick Page wanted to get to the bottom of what this mysterious book is really all about, he realised there was only one way to go about it: he had to go to the land of apocalypse. Travelling to Patmos via the ruined cities of the seven churches of Revelation, determined to seek out a revelation of his own, Nick explores the culture behind Revelation, who wrote it, why they wrote it, and what it means for us today. Mixing history, commentary, creative reconstruction and sun-crazed travelogue, here at last is the (perhaps not quite) final word on heaven, hell, the four horsemen of the apocalypse - and why the end of the world never does turn up when it's supposed to. Learn More

  • Your Soul's Journey (Diary)

    Your Soul's Journey astro diary will take you on a year-long voyage of self-discovery, using a personalised birth-chart created for you to map out the themes and important times ahead. As you work through challenging aspects, lunar cycles and eclipses, your unique birth chart will come to life, ultimately strengthening your personal connection to the planetary energies and the Universe.

  • The very first astrologically personalised diary
  • Completely bespoke to you based on your birth chart
  • You say what date you want your diary to start from
  • Tap into the most favourable energies at your disposal
  • Guides you through the most difficult transits turning them into growth opportunities
  • Reveals your most important soul lessons for each upcoming month
  • Discover your celestial focus areas for each week
  • Highlights quantum-leap dates for the upcoming year
  • Your very own soul journey begins here.

    Learn More

  • Everyday Wisdom 2016 Calendar

    In this beautifully illustrated calendar, he shares inspiring insights to help you reflect upon the wisdom within every day of the year. Spending each day with Wayne’s words will ensure that 2016 is your best year yet! Learn More

  • I Can Do It 2016 Calendar: 366 Daily Affirmations

    A new year brings the sense of freedom, growth and fresh opportunity. This year, we know that so many empowering and exciting experiences are right around the corner! Learn More

  • Inner Reflections 2016 Engagement Calendar

    Inner Reflections has gained a reputation as one of the most stunning and beautiful Inspirational Engagement Calendars available. Inspiring quotations from Paramahansa Yogananda are magically blended with images from the world's top nature photographers. Learn More

  • Inner Reflections Engagement Calendar 2015

    Featuring a fresh new look, Inner Reflections has been redesigned to retain its striking originality and stay way ahead of any other calendar! Inspiring quotations from Paramahansa Yogananda are magically blended with images from the worlds top nature photographers. Learn More

  • The Power of Intention Calendar

    Are you looking to have the best year yet? Thanks to this beautifully designed calendar, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will help you do just that! With selections taken from his best-selling book The Power of Intention, as well as inspiring quotes from many of his favorite authors and spiritual teachers, Wayne will show you how to draw upon the invisible force of co-creation every day of the year. Learn More

  • Peace from Broken Pieces Calendar

    What is "peace? "Peace is that unshakable state of being that allows you to acknowledge and accept everything the way it is. When at peace, you surrender your every desire to change, fix, or alter anything or anyone from being just the way they are. Learn More

  • I Can Do It Calendar: 365 Daily Affirmations

    Louise Hay's" I CAN DO IT 2015 Calendar "will set the tone for the joyful days ahead! This beautiful calendar offers you 365 positive thoughts, affirmations, and words of wisdom to help you focus on that I can do it attitude that will make this a wonderful year indeed! Learn More

  • Archangel Daily Messages Calendar

    Each page of Doreen Virtue's 2015 desktop calendar features a lovely image of an archangel, such as Michael, Gabriel, or Raphael, as well as an uplifting and inspiring message about that archangel. With the Archangel Daily Messages calendar, you'll receive loving reminders to call upon the Heavenly power of the archangels to protect and guide you--every day of the year! Learn More

  • We'moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn: 2015

    This iconic feminist datebook is a best-selling astrological moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms and visionary collection of women's creative work, now in its 34th year of publication. "We'Moon 2015: Wild Card" celebrates the precious energies of sensuality, mirth, freedom, earthly matter and woman—the Wild Learn More

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