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You Are The Question You Ask

In addition to some of His most potent Instruction about the nature of devotional turning to Him (previously only available on CD), in this DVD Avatar Adi Da addresses a broad range of topics including:
• practice in the later phase of life
• the great potential for unity in this “dark time” of pervasive conflict
• esoteric and exoteric Christianity
• and, as the title implies, Adi Da points out to all who approach Him that their questions are themselves a signal of the ego-activity that is at the root of their suffering and seeking.

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There are traditions that presume the Awakening to the Witness Consciousness is Enlightenment, and that is where it ends, you see. But that is not the completion of the Great Process, as I have Revealed it to you. It is only the beginnings of the ultimate stages of that Process. And, in fact, there is no completion in the context of this “world” or the body-mind. The ultimate completeness is Divine Translation Itself.

I Am Divine Translation. I am Priorly Established and here Present as That. If it were not so, I could not utter these words. How do you think I know that what I am Telling you is true? It is because I'm not merely looking forward to Divine Translation. I Am It. I am already Established as That. I am Speaking to you in That “Position”, and that is the unique Nature of My Incarnation, and that is what makes it Avataric.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781570973413
Autograph No
Pages No
Author Adi Da Samraj
Publisher Dawn Horse Press
Publication date No
Format DVD