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Locate What Is Real

Watching this DVD, which is an entire evening of Divine Avataric Discourse in the Radiant Presence of Avatar Adi Da, is to partake in a continuous feast of Ultimate Wisdom. Reading the DVD’s five-part menu (see end of description) merely whets the appetite for such exquisite profundity. Viewing this DVD will satisfy anyone who truly hungers to “Locate What Is Real”.

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Product Description


From mid-2004 to early 2006, Avatar Adi Da offered a unique series of Discourses broadcasted live over the Internet to His devotees worldwide. During these occasions, Avatar Adi Da answered questions from those present in the room with Him, but also from devotees all over the world via speakerphone. As He had always done, even from the beginning of His Teaching-Work, Avatar Adi Da addressed each devotee personally, but was also Instructing all beings, in all times and places.
This DVD presents Avatar Adi Da’s Discourse of October 10, 2004.
In Part 1, He describes how Reality is the true “first experience” for everyone—more fundamental to existence than identification with the apparently “born” being.
In Part 2, He speaks about how music and other arts can function as extensions of Spirituality.
In Part 3, He speaks about Ramana Maharshi and the sixth stage orientation, in contrast to His seventh stage Reality-Way.
In Part 4, He addresses a devotee’s experience of emotional trauma, and how such events can affect one’s life.
And in Part 5, He describes His own Submission, in His early life, to the process of Christian mystical experience.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781570973017
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Author Adi Da Samraj
Publisher Dawn Horse Press
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Format DVD