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Why My Mother Didn't Want Me To Be Psychic

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Heidi Sawyer faced huge disapproval from those around her as her psychic abilities started to develop. She tells the story of the battle she has fought to find the courage to act in the face of fear and criticism. Her journey to establish her right to explore her amazing gifts and gain acceptance will inspire others to trust their own awakening experiences and find the confidence to be psychic. Imagine in 10 years time that your life is how you would really want it to be – understanding your intuitive and psychic ability, and using it to your best advantage and to the advantage of your friends and family. Through clear, concise advice and her own experiences, Heidi Sawyer demonstrates that we can all cultivate our sixth sense by: recognising the signs that your abilities are 'opening' learning how to live your life with your psychic frequency turned on coping with opposition, and find like-minded people using her top ten tips to develop powerful psychic awareness

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781848500631
Autograph No
Pages 256
Author Heidi Sawyer
Publisher Hay House UK
Publication date 29 Jan 2009
Format Paperback