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Back Issue #28: Watkins Mind Body Spirit

The Watkins Review is now The Watkins Mind Body Spirit, a quarterly magazine distributed throughout the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

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The Watkins Review: Mind Body Spirit is an esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books. Each issue contains specially commissioned author’s articles and interviews, alongside the very latest book releases and reviews of the new titles, gift editions, CDs and DVDs.

Featuring articles by Gregg Braden, Jack Kornfield, Lynne McTaggart, William interview with Grant Morrison and more!
How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization - by Amit Goswami
To Be Myself and Love You Too - by Dave Richo
5 Reasons to Have an Out-of-Body Experience - by Sandie Gustus
Mysticism of the Tulku Tradition of Tibet - by Tulku Thondup
A Guide to Dreams and Profound Self-Knowledge by Barbara Black-Koltuv
Revelations from Inside the Priory of Sion - by Robert Howells

The Watkins Review dates back to 1893, when John Watkins published his first volume of the Book-Notes, which included book reviews, occult news and excerpts from recommended books.

Published four times a year.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9772046397000
Autograph No
Pages 100
Author Watkins Books
Publisher Watkins Books
Publication date 20 Nov 2011
Format Paperback