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Glycemic Index Diet For Weight Loss

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One of the pioneers of using GI (glycaemic index) in relation to weight loss was Frenchman, Michel Montignac. His diet has a large number of followers and is based on the glycaemic index of foods as well as food combinations. According to Michel Montignac, combining certain foods makes you fat and ultimately we don't put on weight by eating too much but by eating badly. He sees weight gain as being linked to eating bad carbohydrates and bad food combinations. Michel Montignac first testedthe innovative nutritional principles of the GI Concept on himself and rid himself of over 30 pounds in less than three months. This is how he proved that it is possible to lose weight without depriving ourselves of calories, simply by making the right choices. In 1986 he wrote his first book: Dine Out and Lose Weight. This book is basically geared at businessmen who, like himself at the time, have a professional obligation to eat out frequently. At the end of 1987, he published his famous bookEat Yourself Slim… and Stay Slim! a layman's version of the Montignac Method. This book is such a great success that it is sold in 40 countries and has broken all sales records in its field with over 16 million copies sold. Michel Montignac, who was soon recognised as an eminent researcher in the field of nutrition, decided to dedicate himself completely to his scientific endeavours and to publishing his findings. His books (all 20 of them), which are not limited to guidance on how to lose weight but, also, address essential health issues, are published in 40 countries and have been translated into 25 languages.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9782359340372
Autograph No
Pages 96
Author Michel Montignac
Publisher Deep Books
Publication date 18 Aug 2010
Format Paperback