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Yantra Yoga: Tibetan Yoga of Movement

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Long awaited, this book on Yantra Yoga offers the Buddhist practitioner an intriguing new approach to awareness practice, parallel to the Hatha Yoga of the Hindu tradition. It will serve to keep the body in good health, and to enhance one's energy and mental balance. Yantra Yoga leads you clearly through bodily movements, breathing exercises and visualizations once taught by the great Indian tantric guru Padmasambhava and the Dzogchen master Vairochana. Called the "Union of the Sun and Moon Yantra" it is a dynamic system of trulkhor (yantra in Sanskrit) or movement and differs from more widespread yogas in that it is done without the hoding of the asanas (postures). The movement to get into the asanas is done with coordinated breath and movement that helps us to relax and achieve a state that is beyond our normal dualistic concepts. Yantra Yoga is a very rich body of knowledge that includes 4 preliminary series, 75 various asanas, 7 breathing practices, 7 lotuses and the vajra wave - 108 aspects in all. Profusely illustrated throughout. Namkhai Norbu wrote this commentary when he started transmitting the profound Yantra Yoga in the 1970's. Western practitioners can benefit greatly from the extraordinary instructions contained in this work, which draws on the oral explanations of many great Tibetan yogins and siddhas.

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Additional Information

ISBN 9781559393089
Autograph N/A
Pages N/A
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Publisher Snow Lion
Publication date 24 Nov 2008
Format Paperback