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City of the Goddess: Washington DC

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There was nothing random or serendipitous about the founding of the United States or the planning of Washington, DC. It was all part of a carefully laid scheme hatched by a secret priesthood who subscribed to a world-view based upon the 'Great Goddess' and informed with thousands of years of painstakingly acquired knowledge. As part of his research into the secret roots of America, Alan Butler has uncovered the beliefs and intentions of the 'Star Families' - a truly ancient institution. In City of the Goddess the profound influence of this mysterious organisation is revealed. A philosophy of Freemasonry and Deism was imprinted into the setting and design of Washington, DC - to the extent that the District of Columbia (Liberty) was named after the nation's patron goddess. Freemasonic symbolism and the esoteric religions of Demeter and Isis are echoed throughout the city, which was orientated so that the constellation of Virgo rises and sets over the major axis, from the dome of the Capitol to the Washington Monument. The underlying theme of the City of the Goddess is the building of Heaven on Earth - a project the Masons considered to have been attempted without success in Jerusalem during the Crusades.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781780280295
Autograph No
Pages 236
Author Alan Butler
Publisher Watkins Publishing
Publication date 1 Oct 2011
Format Hardback