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Magick & Occult

Magick and Occult BooksMagick has existed universally since ancient times. The forms of magick range from low sorcery, or spell casting, to high or ceremonial magic. All forms of magic are traditionally seen as secret arts, taught only to initiates. As Christianity made its way throughout Europe, low magic became the sorceries, witchcraft, and folk magic of rural populations, while high magick became an intellectual and spiritual pursuit of elaborate ceremony. High magick flourished in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance as a reaction to the growing power of the church-state. It was drawn from the Hermetic Arts, Neoplatonism, and from Oriental lore brought back to Europe by the Crusaders, and was nurtured by various secret societies and lodges.

Interest in magic was revived in the nineteenth century by occultists such as Eliphas Levi. Magical fraternities, reached a peak with the Order of the Golden Dawn in the late nineteenth century. Aleister Crowley, one of the greatest and most controversial magicians to emerge from the Golden Dawn, said that every intentional act is essentially a magical act.

Magick in the modern religion of neo-Pagan Witchcraft (including Wicca), includes both ceremonial and low magic. There are laws regarding use of magick for anything other than benefit or 'good' intentions.

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