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Health & Healing

Health and Healing BooksThe art of healing through alternative or mystical methods, though sometimes a combination of medical science with New Age thinking. For example, Deepak Chopra's huge breadth of knowledge and writing in the health field. As early as the mid-1980s he launched himself as a staunch advocate of the connection between mind and body, advocating meditation and self-awareness as primary factors in both illness and healing. He later went on to examine the mysterious phenomenon of spontaneous healing of cancer. Here he introduced quantum physics as a means of understanding the mind-body connection, arguing that consciousness is the basic foundation of nature and the universe. Chopra emphasises that the roots of Indian healing lie in changing the holistic balance of mind and body. Other major books in the the 'general healing' category of mind-body-spirit literature are the works of Caroline Myss and Brandon Bays.

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  • The Anatomy of Your Health: Essential Insights on the Hidden Causes of Illness and Healing

    It's clear that the old, mechanical model of health is no longer enough. A comprehensive approach to health must include the physical body, psychology, the energetic anatomy, environmental factors, and our spiritual life-and how to heal each of these systems when they break down. With The Anatomy of Your Health, Caroline Myss presents a complete audio training in her dynamic system for understanding the interacting forces that affect our well-being and empowering ourselves to thrive in a changing world. Join the world's foremost medical intuitive as she offers powerful insights and essential practices for energetic and spiritual healing, integrating your genetic and archetypal history, filtering the "psychic free radicals" of a stressful world, and much more. Learn More

  • The Comprehensive Repertory of New Homoeopathic Remedies: A Guide to Strategic Prescribing

    This is a key reference volume to facilitate the use of new and unfamiliar remedies that appear in the two volumes of The New Material Medica. The book's user-friendly organization, with chapters on every part of the body and psyche, and alphabetical lists of symptoms, facilitates searching for the most appropriate remedy. Accompanying lists of comparable 'old' remedies allow practitioners to consider lesser-known cures along with the more familiar remedies. There is an emphasis on integrating new medicine into the established canon, so practitioners can use the latest remedies with confidence. Learn More

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