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Why did the cancer disappear?: Become free from cancer and promote health

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How can a cancer that was spreading according to the experts just disappear within four weeks, without any medical treatment? In a quest to finding the answer to this question motivated her to write this book. Experienced clinical hypnotherapist and energy healer reveals how she recovered from cancer using an integrated mind, body and soul approach, without the intervention of modern medicine. WHY DID THE CANCER DISAPPEAR is about sharing her experience from having cancer symptoms to becoming FREE from it; to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of taking full responsibility for our health and well-being, and actively participating in our healing to prevent illness and promote health, regardless of the choice of treatment. She suggests that when we do, we will amaze ourselves as to how powerful we really are and what we can achieve. When Marion Dias was diagnosed with cancer of the endometrium in 2006 she was frightened by the prospect of having the conventional treatment of surgery in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and as a result, she chose to treat herself using her own therapeutic skills. However, some seven months later when doctors insisted that the cancer had spread, that her life was at risk and that she needed urgent treatment, Dias consented to have major surgery within four weeks of this second diagnosis; she continued her own treatment with clinical hypnosis and energy healing during this time. Marion Dias then discovered that the biopsies on the matter removed showed no residue of cancer. The cancer that was spreading just four weeks before surgery had totally disappeared without any medical intervention.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9780957183506
Autograph No
Pages 238
Author Ms. Marion C.C. Dias Bsc.
Publisher Dynamic Perceptions
Publication date 4 Jun 2013
Format Paperback