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Feelosophy of Birth: A Journal for Pregnancy

LEARN how to make choices that are aligned with your pregnancy and birthing desires. ACCESS to knowledge that empowers you. TRANSFORM fears into opportunities for transformation and growth.

This journal will act as a daily reminder to trust and delve into the sacred journey of pregnancy.

The inspirational quotes accompany weekly wisdom from an experienced pregnancy and birth coach and with this knowledge and guidance she can be assured that anything is possible.

Each day you are asked to explore what you are grateful for and how that attitude brings even more to be thankful for.

AWAKEN to your full potential

EMPOWER yourself with knowledge

MANIFEST the birth you desire for you and your baby

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Product Description


Beliefs are powerful and are often a conditioned way of believing from a very young age, coming from our parents, care givers and teachers. We learn from them. Depending on the awareness and growth of the adult, children can either grow up with limiting beliefs about themselves, or beliefs that empower them to grow up living a life of possibilities and trust in themselves and their abilities no matter how challenging something may be. When the author envisaged this journal she saw women taking the time to slow down, connect with their breath, their body and their baby. Of writing in a journal, not sitting at a computer but being connected to writing from their heart. Sitting in the garden, a park, by the ocean, somewhere they could really take time out for themselves as they focus on growing their babies. After all doesn't life move fast enough? Isn't pregnancy the perfect time to slow down and connect to all the many changes that are taking place within your body, heart and mind? Feelosophy of Birth is more than just a journal. It is an opportunity for change, for women to reconnect with their strength and wisdom that may have been lost as the birth process evolved from a deeply connected inner knowing to its present place of doubt and disconnect. Using the Feelosophy of Birth journal is a way to restore a woman’s faith in herself and her body as she brings her baby into being.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9780994573704
Autograph No
Pages No
Author Brooke Martin
Publisher Melanie Spears
Publication date 1 Jun 2016
Format Paperback