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Esoteric Teachings

Esoteric Teachings Books A form of mediumship in which information is communicated from a source perceived to be different form the conscious self. Sources are identified variously as non-physical beings, angels, nature spirits, guardian spirits, deities, demons, extraterrestrials, and the Higher Self. Channeling is done in a dissociated or altered state of consciousness As a New Age phenomenon, Esoteric Teachings has almost exclusively focused on the delivery of spiritual information obtained from spiritual sources, such as highly evolved and non-physical entities, angels, God, and the Virgin Mary.
In the wake of the decline of Spiritualism, channeled works were produced, but channeling itself did not regain widespread attention in the West until the early 1970s when Jane Roberts began publishing her Seth books. Popular interest in channeling was further fuelled in the 1980s by actress Shirley MacLaine's books (co-written with channeler Kevin Ryerson).