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Theban Oracle: Discover the Magic of the Ancient Alphabet That Changes Lives

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Like runes, the Theban Oracle is a unique and singular writing system or, more appropriately, an alphabet-codex that is based on the ancient magical writings devised by the 14th-century magus, Honorius of Thebes. It was later utilised as an oracle by such masters of the occult sciences as Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Petrus De Apono, Dr. John Dee and other mediaeval and renaissance contemporaries of high magick. The Theban code-writing system appeared to go dormant until 1801, when Englishman, Francis Barrett, brought it and other esoteric aspects of magick back into vogue. It was later re-discovered by Gerald Gardner in the 1930s, when it caught on in select covens and metaphysical circles.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781578635498
Autograph No
Pages 256
Author Greg Jenkins
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date 31 May 2014
Format Paperback