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Angels and Faeries

Angels and Faeries Books Angels are immortal beings who live in the spirit world and serve as intermediaries between God and humanity. In religions angels used to belong to the class of beings known as demons; they may be either friendly or hostile to humankind. People continue to experience angelic visions today, as they have throughout history. Often the appearance of a brilliant, loving being of light is interpreted within the context of the individual's religious beliefs. In New Age occult and religious beliefs, angels are portrayed in karmic aspects of astrology, channelled, meditated upon, and said to exist in spirit realms. Angelic forces are invoked in magic rituals in various magical systems and witchcraft. The popular view holds that angels are benevolent beings and are different from demons, who are malevolent beings.
Fairy beliefs are widespread and similar, and are strongest in the Celtic lore of Britain, Ireland and Europe. Fairies are generally believed to live as a nation in an underground location, where time runs differently. The Land of Fairy (Faerie), or Elfland, is accessed through barrows and mounds. According to lore, fairies are invisible except to human with 'the Sight', or whenever fairies choose to make themselves seen.