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Back Issue #42: Watkins Mind Body Spirit (Summer 2015)

Watkins Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly magazine from London's oldest esoteric bookstore, Watkins Books. It is available from the bookshop directly and from the newsagents in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

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Watkins' Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books in London. Each issue contains specially commissioned author’s articles and interviews, alongside the very latest book releases.The magazine dates back to 1893, when John Watkins published his first volume of the Book-Notes, which included book reviews, occult news and excerpts from recommended books.


- Thich Nhat Hanh: Silence - The Power of Quiet in the World Full of Noise by
- Interview with Graham Hancock - Psychedlics, Consciousness and the Birth of Civilization
- Can Spirit, Heart, Mind and Consciousness Be Defined Scientifically? by Dr Sha and Dr Rulin Xiu
- Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake by Tobias Churton
- Consciousness in Nature by Howard Jones
- Understanding the Zodiac and why there REALLY are 12 zodiac signs, not 13 - by Deborah Houlding


- Is There a Coherent Purpose for Planetary Consciousness? (Implications from Ervin Laszlo's Consciousness in the Cosmos trilogy) by Kingsley L. Dennis
- Prophetic Experience and the DMT Effect - A New Model for Spiritual Experience Derived from Modern Psychedelic Research and the Hebrew Bible by Rick Strassman
- The Reality of Ley Lines: How Ley Lines Were Used by the Church, Royalty, City Planners and Secret Societies by David R. Cowan
- William Lilly: The Man Who Saw the Future by Catherine Blackledge
- Ancient Egyptian Wisdom for the Modern World by Melusine Draco
- How Baring My Soul Kept Me Sane by Margaret Cahill
- Laughing for the Health of It by Lesley Lyle

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 977205528003-42
Autograph No
Pages 84
Author Watkins Books
Publisher Watkins Books
Publication date 19 May 2015
Format Paperback

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