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Astral Sex - Zen Teabags: An Illustrated New Age Spoofapedia

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Product Description


A handy guide for anyone who wishes to sound pompous, affected and self-obsessed, especially in the alternative, eco-friendly or mind-body-spirit realms. A hilarious antidote to self-developers and social media geeks; a no-holds-barred parody of those navel-gazers and karmic sojourners who may just be taking themselves a little too seriously. Sample entries: Beaverweaver: Male who poses as a shaman purely in order to pick up women. Macroneurotics: An obscure food cult and eating disorder, which came to the West from Japan in the nineteen-fifties, and gained a considerable following among reformed drug dealers in the USA. Macroneurotics holds that food is the only important thing in the Universe. The three main foods, held to be able to create total health, happiness, success, fulfilment and enlightenment, are brown rice with miso soup, brown rice with seaweed, and brown rice on its own. Mistake: There isn't any such thing as a mistake there are only 'learning experiences'.

Additional Information

Additional Information

ISBN 9781844095834
Autograph No
Pages 112
Author Gerry Thompson
Publisher Findhorn Press; 2nd Revised edition edition
Publication date 15 May 2012
Format Paperback