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Watkins' Mind Body Spirit eBooks

 Curated Platform for Mind Body Spirit Books

The new app from Watkins is free to download and is available for iPhones, iPads and  Android devices.

The Mind Body Spirit Books by Watkins is the premiere ebook reader for the Mind Body and Spirit field that offers a beautiful easy-to-use interface for reading spiritual books on your iPhone and iPad. Browse and download spiritual books, flip through the pages, customize your reading experience, search texts and lookup word definitions - and a lot more with this unique Mind Body Spirit Books reader from Watkins.

Now you can also download and read the latest issues of the Watkins' Mind Body Spirit magazine - all in the same app! Read the latest articles by well-known authors in the magazine, and download their latest ebooks to read within the app.

The app also features a GPS-powered Spiritual Sightings Map which allows you to see spiritual and paranormal places next to your location on the map. All places are submitted by other Spiritual Map users and you can share your own sightings simply by filling out quick details under 'submit report'.

Whether you're looking to improve your knowledge of yoga, searching for perennial wisdom or contemporary spirituality, the Mind Body Spirit Books app is sure to be a source of inspiration.

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